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An Improvised Faith

An Improvised Faith is a collection of essays, all composed in a style commonly known as ‘Spoken Word.’ Bridging a gap between music, prose and poetry, Spoken Word is an emerging style of poetic expression with wide appeal. The name of the style comes from the concept that this is literature to read aloud. It is lyrical, visceral and spans a broad range of feeling.

In particular, An Improvised Faith examines spiritual life from within and without the Church. Inspired by scripture as well as by personal and interpersonal encounters, An Improvised Faith will bring together a diverse array of young voices from across the denomination and beyond to explore the joys and challenges of being of God, while contending with the challenges of human skin.

This collection can be enjoyed on its own, or as a tool for worship. Today, emerging worship models and fresh avenues for spiritual expression are forefront in the minds of many congregations. The question arises: how do we connect with new worshippers while still remaining authentic to what we hold sacred? Spoken Word is an important cultural touchstone.

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