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  Author Guidelines- Chalice Press

“The editor at Chalice Press was very gracious with us. They helped us make it a stronger book, but for better or worse the book we are publishing is the book we intended to write. Chalice has been great, letting us be the goofballs we are."
— Aric Clark, Doug Hagler, and Nick Larson, authors of Never Pray Again

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At Chalice Press, we are always looking for exceptional new people and content for publication. If you have an idea or a manuscript for us to consider, please begin by sending a letter of inquiry to us at submissions@chalicepress.com. Please send nothing else, yet, as we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts and project proposals.

Letter of Inquiry
The letter of inquiry should be no more than two pages, focusing on a single proposal. In your query letter, please address these issues:

  • Hook of the book. Provide an attention-grabbing sentence or phrase to show how you can attract reader interest about your book. For example, start your hook with this question, “What if I told you _______?” (Feel free to provide several)

  • Challenge assumptions. Thinking about your project, create a list of a dozen provocative, contrarian statements that would catch somebody’s attention. For example, “you have heard it said X, but I say Y.” The stronger, the better. This helps us determine how your book provides a new view on an old question.

  • Takeaways. Provide at least three concise, concrete lessons that readers will gain from reading your book. How will you improve the reader’s condition or create a positive result in their lives? The more, the better.

  • Your audience: Who will read your book, and how will readers benefit from your book?

  • You: How are you uniquely qualified to write this book?

  • Your platform. How do you plan to let the world know this book is available - professional, personal, and online networks, websites, regular media connections, etc. Understanding your platform will help us understand your book’s potential.

We accept only electronic submissions and prefer that your letter be included in the body of the email, not as an attachment. If you have titled your book, we encourage you to include the title in your email's subject line. We will contact you about our interest in having you develop a full proposal.

Do not send manuscripts, photos, video clips, resumes/CVs or other materials at this time. Send such items only if we ask you to do so. (We will not return nor file any materials you send to us without our written request.)
About Chalice Press
Chalice Press publishes resources that invite individuals and groups into deeper relationship with God, equip them as disciples of Jesus Christ, and send them into ministries as the Holy Spirit calls them. Our theological tradition is evangelistic (we share with others our experience of God), inclusive (we are guests at a table where everyone is welcome) and mission-oriented (our gratitude to God compels us to serve and exchange our stories with others).
What We Publish
CBP/Chalice Press is open to receiving any publishing proposal that aligns with our mission to publish resources inviting all people into deeper relationship with God, equipping them as disciples of Jesus Christ, and sending them into ministries as the Holy Spirit calls them. At this time, we are particularly interested in publishing content by and for women, young adults (age 18 to 35), and racial/ethnic cultures for our academic, congregational leadership, and general audiences. We offer print, digital, and multi-media formats. Topics of particular interest include: non-fiction in the areas of Academics (Homiletics, Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Education); Congregational Leadership (Preaching, Evangelism, Hospitality, Leadership Development, Discipleship/Equipping Ministries); General (Faith and Life, Inspiration/Devotion, Bible Study/Application, Mission/Evangelism).
What to Avoid
Although Chalice Press publishes a broad range of material, you should usually avoid asking us to consider publishing poetry, fiction, dissertations, children's books, cookbooks, festschrifts (essays in honor of someone), collections of sermons, newsletter columns, etc. For these, you may wish to consider our Lucas Park Books imprint (www.lucasparkbooks.com).
Unsolicited Materials
Although we honor your work and value your materials, please understand that we cannot be responsible for anything you send to us without our written request, or for any original or irreplaceable materials under any circumstances. We will not return nor keep any materials we have not requested in writing. Paper submissions will be recycled unshredded.
Where to send Letters of Inquiry
Email only: submissions@chalicepress.com

All legitimate inquiries will receive the full attention of Chalice Press.
For proposals related to partner organizations, please use the contact information below:

Contact Information

To order:
M-F 7:00am-5pm Central
Toll Free: 1-800-366-3383
Fax: 1-770-280-4039
Email: customer service

St. Louis office:
Telephone: 1-314-231-8500
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