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Chalice Press is the
go-to publisher for
Progressive Christians.

Not all faith-based publishing is Fox News, the Moral Majority, and televangelists. For a growing movement of progressive Christians and the spiritual-but-not-religious audience, Chalice Press offers a vital alternative to the conservative theology that dominates bookshelves. Today, Chalice Press is the go-to publisher for Progressive Christians.

This audience needs a progressive publisher that recognizes the changes under way in American Christianity and religion in general, a publisher with the vision to partner with the prophets of the 21st Century. Together we will proclaim a message of love and acceptance to a broken world desperate for good news.

There's a lot of handwringing that the church is dying, that Christianity is in its final days. It's easy to give up on a tradition that has inflicted pain on generations of even its most devoted followers, leadership that stubbornly resists change, and actions more concerned with self-preservation than global transformation.

But there are those of us, many of us, who love the church - those of us who have our hopes, our dreams, and our visions for the New Church of the Third Millennium.

We hope for a church that is vibrant and energizing, a worldwide force for justice, peace, and multifaith cooperation. We dream of a church where all people are welcome, celebrating their God-given uniqueness and a loving, compassionate God. We have a vision of a church that unites instead of divides, that loves instead of discriminates, that sees every living person and everything we can see in our vast universe as a gift from God.

We know many people stereotype Christians based on high-profile pastors proclaiming social-morality agendas or pushing shallow faith with multi-million-dollar marketing budgets. We know being a progressive Christian may not be popular in many parts of the church, but we also know that the Jewish prophet Jesus wasn't very popular in his day, either.

At Chalice Press,
we are working to create
a better world

  • A world in which all people, regardless of their faith tradition, are inspired and encouraged to challenge harmful theology and work together for justice.

  • A world in which the growing number of spiritual-but-not-religious people have resources to inspire them on their unique journeys.

  • A world in which the conversation about racism, largely dormant for decades, experiences a resurgence, and once again new voices call out discrimination and offer solutions that can lead us toward the Beloved Community.

  • A world in which a growing number of people accept the wondrous diversity that surrounds us. As LGBTIQ equality works its way into the justice system and our society, more and more Americans move from mere tolerance to full acceptance and love in the way of Jesus.

  • A world in which the greed that creates a vast gap between the rich and the poor - and stealthily crafted social policy that sustains that gap - is exposed and confronted.

  • A world in which the fear and intolerance of other faiths turns toward connection, finding common ground and respect for our differences.

Because the words we use create the world we inhabit, we at Chalice Press believe our ministry is one important part of creating the better world we know is possible.

Christian Board of Publication, the parent company of Chalice Press, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1911. Charitable contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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