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Thank you for contributing to the ongoing work and mission of Chalice Press and CBP!

When I give money, I want to know how the money will be used, who it helps, and what difference it makes. So, that is what I offer you now – plus a deeply felt “thank you” on behalf of all of us at Chalice Press and CBP.

How will we use your gift? Every dime you give goes directly to the development, publication, and distribution of resources to strengthen congregational ministries that invite all people into deeper relationship with God, equip them as disciples of Jesus Christ, and send them into ministry as the Spirit calls them. We are careful and accountable stewards of financial resources in our care. (You may find many details about our governance and management at www.guidestar.org.) We do not receive financial assistance from the church. We do not have investors providing us with capital to pay for good ideas. This ministry depends financially on the people and congregations who buy what we publish and the donors who believe in what we do. This work depends on you.

Who does your gift help? Chalice Press resources in the areas of spiritual formation, mission, and leadership strengthen people and congregations in thousands of places across North America and globally. We reach children and young people in hundreds of church camps in the US and Canada with the camp and conference curriculum we publish. We recognize hundreds of outstanding students preparing for ministry with Chalice Press Book Awards. We provide thousands of dollars worth of resources to hundreds of new church starts to help them get going.

What difference does your gift make? Your gift helps make it possible for us to publish quality print, digital, and online resources. Your gift helps make it possible for us to make those resources available to people at affordable prices. Large or small, your gift to CBP touches thousands of people as they have transforming encounters with God through Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for this ministry, and we are grateful for your support. There is so much more to be done – so much more that we could do to proclaim the Good News in ways that people can hear and understand. Thank you for you prayers, and thank you for your gifts. What we are doing together matters.

With gratitude,

Brad Lyons
President and Publisher
CBP/Chalice Press/Lucas Park Books

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