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Never Pray Again

Never Pray Again

“Lift your chin, open your eyes, unfold your hands and get to work”. The authors, writers of the popular “Two Friars and a Fool” blog, find the purpose of prayers not in the praying but in the doing--to Praise! Confess! Heal! Intercede! Never Pray Again follows a traditional liturgical structure, drawing upon major forms of prayer and presenting each as a practice rather than merely a prayer.

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The Death and Resurrection of National Denominations

The Death and Resurrection of National Denominations (EPDF)

The 21st century is a time of great challenge for national denominations. Too many have lost their way. They are functioning in mediocre ways, declining, and perhaps long-term dying. They need to face their situation and seek to make the changes necessary that may even be radical enough that it would be called a resurrection. This paper seeks to lay out the issues surrounding the impending death of national denominations, and suggestions of pathways to follow to experience a resurrection. It is based on George Bullard’s 36 years of working with denominations.


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