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Wilderness Blessings

Wilderness Blessings

From the emotional and poignant blog entries posted during his son Jacob’s uncertain birth, trying surgeries, and first year of living with Down syndrome, author and pastor Jeffrey M. Gallagher reflects honestly and candidly on disability theology, God’s place in difficult times, how the church welcomes (or not) people with differing abilities, and the joys—the wilderness blessings—that Jacob’s life has given him.

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We all have heard time and time again of the changes a woman goes through when she is pregnant. But what about the man? Doesn’t his life change too?

PregMANcy is an honest and humorous memoir looking at the changes author Christian Piatt experiences with his wife and son when they learn they’re expecting their second child — an unplanned pregnancy.

Containing stories and unscripted (and surprising) quotes from his young son as they await the birth of his baby sister, PregMANcy will take you on the wild ride of parenthood and show that it is not always easier the second time around.

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