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Split Ticket

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“Both conservatives and liberals have taught us that you can have a compelling argument and lots of good ideas, and still be mean. It is time for us to learn that just as important as being right is being nice. Split Ticket is one more sign of a new conversation in post-religious-right-America...moving beyond the old camps, stale debates, and empty rhetoric. It is time for a new political imagination—enough donkeys and elephants— long live the Lamb.”
-Shane Claiborne, author of Jesus for President MORE...
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Split Ticket takes on one of the most critical issues in the public eye right now: the complicated relationship between religious belief and political engagement.

This collection of essays reflects the many different perspectives on this subject, not only on the reductive “liberal-conservative” axis, but also by taking the diversity of American Christianity (and America) into consideration.

Each essay concludes with thought-provoking questions.


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