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Advertising in the Online Annual Planning Guide and Calendar




Online ads are 725 pixels x 87 pixels (10.069 inches x 1.208 inches), 72 dpi.


Horizontal Top Banner &#0151 $90 month
Horizontal Top Banner &#0151 $810 for full year (25% savings &#0151 best offer)
Horizontal Top Banner &#0151 $612 for eight months (15% savings)
Horizontal Top Banner &#0151 $324 for four months (10% savings)
Multiple months ordered may run in consecutive order, but that is not a requirement. If you are running an ad in the 2013-14 Annual Planning Guide & Calendar print edition, you may deduct 5% from above online ad rates.


All ads run at the top of calendar. See an example.


File Requirements:
All files should be supplied in JPEG format, RGB, 72 dpi.

When JPEG file is sent, please indicate within the email message the exact web site address you wish your banner ad to be linked to for visitor click-on navigation. Files email to


Submission Requirements:
Contact Fred Jones at or 314-706-0333 regarding deadlines for reservations and file submissions on upcoming months to run banner ads.


Additional advertising opportunities
Chalice Press is exploring additional advertising opportunities. Contact Fred Jones at or 314-706-0333 to learn more.

Chalice Press reserves the right to refuse any ads that it feels may be objectionable to its intended audience.