PUBLISHED: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 by Brad Lyons

ST. LOUIS (December 17, 2018) - Chalice Press/Christian Board of Publication has partnered with APG Sales & Distribution to represent four dozen recent and new releases to the trade.

A national retail distributor based in Nashville, APG will become the exclusive trade distributor for most of Chalice Press’ front list, representing some 50 new and upcoming titles to major book distribution chains, independent booksellers, specialty retailers, and Amazon.  APG represents publishers and other retailers in the Christian, children, lifestyle, and retail markets. This includes best-selling titles such as:

  • Forward Together by William J. Barber II,
  • Faithful Families by Traci Smith, and
  • the Unbinding the Gospel series by Martha Grace Reese.

Upcoming titles available to trade customers through APG include:

  • America’s Holy Ground by Brad Lyons and Bruce Barkhauer,
  • Piloting Church by Cameron Trimble, and
  • Outlandish by Derek Penwell.

 A full list of titles to be distributed through APG is available at and (See below)

Chalice Press will continue to work with trade customers to supply its backlist.  

CBP/Chalice Press publishes resources inviting all people into deeper relationship with God, equipping them as disciples of Jesus Christ, and sending them into ministries as the Holy Spirit calls them. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Chalice Press is the publishing arm of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), with a broader ecumenical outreach to the wider church.


Affected titles include: 

Title (Author) ISBN
Anxious to Talk About It (Helsel, Carolyn) 93.9780827200722
As One Without Authority (Craddock, Fred) 93.9780827200265
Banned Questions About Christians (Piatt, Christian, ed.) 93.9780827202870
Banned Questions About Jesus (Piatt, Christian, ed.) 93.9780827202696
Banned Questions About the Bible (Piatt, Christian, ed.) 93.9780827202467
Better (Bray, Melvin) 93.9780827203082
Birthed (Hagan, Elizabeth) 93.9780827203112
Blessed Are the Crazy (Lund, Sarah Griffith) 93.9780827202993
Coloring Advent (Rodkey, Christopher; Turri, Jesse; and Turri, Natalie) 93.9780827203976
Coloring Lent (Rodkey, Christopher; Turri, Jesse; and Turri, Natalie) 93.9780827205475
Coloring Women of the Bible (Rodkey, Christopher, and Turri, Natalie) 93.9780827203983
Coming Home (Moon, Zachary) 93.9780827205383
Community of Prayer (Barkhauer, Bruce) 93.9780827205444
Drawing on Holy Currencies (Law, Eric) 93.9780827206656
Faithful Families (Smith, Traci) 93.9780827211223
Ferguson and Faith (Francis, Leah Gunning) 93.9780827211056
Forward Together (Barber II, William J) 93.9780827244948
Holy Currencies (Law, Eric) 93.9780827214927
Holy Currency Exchange (Law, Eric) 93.9780827215016
Leaning In, Letting Go (Martin, Nicole Massey) 93.9780827221895
Lifesaving Church, The (Keefe, Rachael A) 93.9780827221826
Made to Lead (Martin, Nicole Massey) 93.9780827223677
Nobody Cries When We Die (Reyes, Patrick) 93.9780827225312
Pre-Post-Racial America (Jha, Sandhya Rani) 93.9780827244931
Preaching about Racism (Helsel, Carolyn) 93.9780827231627
Preaching as Resistance (Snider, Phil, ed.) 93.9780827231597
Preaching in the Era of Trump (Allen, O. Wesley) 93.9780827231481
Reaching People under 30 while Keeping People over 60 (Hammett, Edward H.) 93.9780827233041
Relig-ish (Mee-Chapman, Rachelle) 93.9780827203020
Sabbath in the Suburbs (Dana, MaryAnn McKibben) 93.9780827235212
Sacred Wounds (Pasquale, Teresa) 93.9780827235373
Stakes Is High (Waters, Michael W.) 93.9780827235403
Transforming Communities (Jha, Sandhya Rani) 93.9780827237155
True Inclusion (Robertson, Brandan) 93.9780827237186
Unbinding the Gospel- Second Edition (Reese, Martha Grace) 93.9780827238084
Unbinding Your Church (Reese, Martha Grace) 93.9780827238060
Unbinding Your Heart (Reese, Martha Grace) 93.9780827238053
Unbinding Your Soul (Reese, Martha Grace) 93.9780827238091
Unified We Are a Force (Rieger, Joerg, and Henkel-Rieger, Rosemarie) 93.9780827238589
Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb, The  (Law, Eric) 93.9780827242319