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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about E-Books

What software do I need to use my E-book?

What devices, other than a computer, can I use to read my purchased E-book?

Do I need to register my software or computer?

Are the E-books digitally rights protected?

Can I print an E-book?

How do I find E-books on the Chalice Press website?

Do I have to become a registered user of the Chalice Press website?

Do I have to be logged in to the Chalice Press Website before ordering my E-books?

How do I receive my E-Book?

Are you confused by EPUB, EPDF, and e-readers?

What are e-readers?

What software do I install to use my E-book?
All of our EPUB and EPDF formats work with Adobe Digital Editions. You may view them on your computer or e-reader and perform electronic searches on the content. Click here to view the supported e-reader devices.

What devices, other than a computer, can I use to read my purchased E-book?
Through working with Adobe Digital Editions, we are able to make our EPUB and EPDF book available for multiple devices. Click here to view the supported e-reader devices and check that it supports ADE books. The majority of our E-books use the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption (see more specifics below). Some of our titles are available in non-DRM protected file formats and are noted on the product page. Note: Not all e-readers accept ADE DRM E-books.

You may also read our content on most phones and tablets with the use of reading apps. BeyondPrint app is available for the iOS devices and the BlueFire app is available for Android devices. Both of these apps support ADE DRM protected and non-DRM protected E-Books. Go to your favorite online app store to download.

Do I need to register my software or computer?

You may register multiple reading devices with Adobe Digital Editions to make portability easier. Click here to learn more.  

Are the E-Books digitally rights protected?

We protect our authors’ copyrights with ADE (Adobe Digital Editions), DRM (digital rights management) protection. Unless noted otherwise, you may not copy or print the content of any book with DRM protection. Some of our products are sold without DRM protection and will be noted on the product page.

Can I print an E-Book?

Unless noted otherwise in the product description, you may not copy or print the content of an E-Book. The files are protected so your computer will not be able to copy and paste the text or print it.


How do I find E-books on the Chalice Press website?
Chalice Press sells our best-selling books in digital EPUB and EPDF formats (and occasionally Mobi format) directly from our webstore. You can browse for titles in the following ways:
• Go to our Complete Product List and select to display E-PRODUCTS only.
• Browse the Products tab on the Home page and select any category. Click to see what titles are available in EPUB and EPDF format for that category.
• Go to a book’s product page to see a list of available formats.
Each book product page lists the formats in which that title is available: print, EPUB, or EPDF (and occasionally Mobi). Click the format you prefer, then add it to your shopping cart and continue shopping.

Do I have to become a registered user of the Chalice Press website?

No, but you must supply an email address. It is free to become a registered user on our site and while logged in, you may order E-Books, have access to your order history and other information.

Either way, make sure to look in your email inbox for the Chalice Press E-Book delivery email, where the link to download your e-book will be located.


Do I have to be logged in to the Chalice Press Website before ordering my E-Books?

No, but you will need to provide an email address.


How do I receive my E-Book?

After you make your purchase, you will receive three e-mails regarding the E-Books you ordered. One email to confirm the order, a second that allows you to download the e-book (called the delivery email), and a final shipping confirmation email to confirm delivery.
Are you confused about EPUB, EPDF, and e-readers?


Don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. Every day it seems there are more e-offerings available, but what are they and what’s right for you?

What’s the difference?

Both of these formats can be loaded on to your computer, phone, PDA, or e-readers* for reading. While the EPDF remains as a static page, i.e., the text does not flow, everything is frozen just like in a printed book, the EPUB has text that flows from page to page, i.e, reflows based on the font size selected. You can perform keyword searches with either of these formats.
What are e-readers?

E-readers are portable devices that can download and house your book files. Many e-readers can download books wirelessly and once on your e-reader, you can push buttons to turn the page, search through the book, highlight passages, etc—just like a real printed book. Several e-readers are available, probably the best-known of which is the Kindle.

Sony has the Reader, Barnes & Noble offers the Nook, and many others are currently under development.

Chalice Press titles are available for many of these devices.

Many e-readers have a proprietary interface, where the manufacturer has specific Digital Rights Management protection (DRM) wrapped around the book, so you can only purchase the book directly through their web store portal. Examples of those are the Kindle store and reading devices and iBook store and iBook reading app. Please check with your manufacturer to see if Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) DRM wrapped EPUB and EPDFs can be imported and read on your e-reader.
To order downloads of Chalice Press titles for the Kindle, you must order directly from the Amazon website. Kindle’s Whispernet technology allows you to download any of your purchases wirelessly to your Kindle from anywhere. Purchased downloads also have a free iPhone version available so you can read on both your Kindle and iPhone. Content Formats Supported include: Kindle (AZW), TXT, Audible (formats 4, Audible Enhanced (AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; PDF, HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion. IMPORTANT NOTE: To download titles, you must first be registered with Amazon.

For more information on the Kindle reader, visit Kindle - Amazon's Wireless Reading Generation.

You can find out more about the Sony Reader at the Sony Reader website. The Sony Reader supports EPUB and EPDF formats thus allowing it to offer a large number of titles from a number of sources.

If you have any questions about formats or the readers themselves, contact the support department for that specific e-reader.

So, how do you choose? Going with an EPUB or EPDF format allows you to work through devices you probably already have, i.e., your computer or phone. Selecting between the e-readers available comes down to personal preference. There is a difference in cost, size, and formats e-readers will accept. Check out the product websites and read the specifications for each before making your purchasing decision. If you have any questions, contact their support department.
*E-readers must indicate if they support EPDF and/or EPUB formats. Regarding E-Book file formats that Chalice Press offers without DRM protection, knowing if your device supports it or not, is all you need. For the majority of Chalice Press E-Books you will need to idenfity if your reading device or app can accept Adobe Digital Editions DRM protected EPUB or EPDF file formats.