Can I have a Web order billed to my Chalice Press account?
Yes, you can have your order billed by calling 1-800-366-3383 and talking to one of our customer service representatives. Be sure to mention that you are a web customer to take advantage of the web discount.

How can I arrange to have Chalice Press sell books at my event?
Please complete our Event Request Form and send to Krista Schaeffer at kschaeffer@chalicepress.com for more information. 

Who should I contact if I have trouble ordering on your website?
Please contact webmaster@chalicepress.com for assistance with any technical problems.

When will my book order be shipped?
Orders are normally shipped within 48 hours.

Can I purchase EPDF or EPUB books on your site?
Based on customer feedback, we have discontinued the sale of most ebooks through ChalicePress.com and suggest purchasing our books through your device's recommendated vendor. A few electronic-only products such as Chalice Worship Leader, Disciples Thumbnail Sketches, and the You Are series are still available through Chalice Press. We trust this will be a better and more efficient user experience for our customers. Please find Chalice Press ebooks at Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), Kobo, or other popular ebook retailers.  

My order is shipping to Colorado or Georgia, and I'm being asked to pay sales tax but my organization is tax-exempt. How do I get this tax waived?
Sales tax-exempt customers, please call customer service at 1-800-366-3383 (M-F 8am-6pm EST) to place your order and provide your tax-exempt paperwork. While web orders from these two states always show estimated taxes, sales taxes will be removed from eligible accounts upon review by our customer service department. We're sorry for the extra hassle, but you should only need to do this one time.

How can I contact an author?
Many of our authors have their own websites so you may contact them directly through their site. For a link to their site, please click on the "Authors" section at the top of the page and find their name. If the author you would like to contact does not have a website listed on his/her page, feel free to contact us at marketing@chalicepress.com and we can pass along your information to our author.

What is your return policy?
Returns must be made within 30 days from date of purchase. Merchandise must be returned undamaged and not marked or written on. Purchaser is responsible for all return mailing charges and a copy of original invoice or packing slip must be enclosed.

Send returns to:
Christian Board of Publication Returns
3280 Summit Ridge Pkwy, STE 100
Duluth, GA 30096

Where can I find a copy of an out-of-print book?
If you are looking for an older Chalice Press title and do not see it listed on our website or think that it is out-of-print, it probably has been moved to a "print-on-demand status." This means that your book will be printed just for you when you order it. This allows Chalice Press to have very few, if any, out of print books. You will be able to order any Chalice Press book from a local bookstore or Amazon.com. If you have any problems or questions about ordering an out-of-print or print-on-demand book, please contact customerservice@chalicepress.com.

What is an exam copy?
Exam and desk copies apply for professors only. Chalice Press provides a 20% discount on textbooks considered for classroom adoption. Professors may order examination copies by filling out our exam request form. You will be billed for the exam copy at a 20% discount!

If the book proves inappropriate for the intended usage, it may be returned (undamaged) within 90 days for full credit.

If the book is adopted (and you have placed an order for 10 or more copies with your bookstore), please contact at kschaeffer@chalicepress.com, include the invoice number, and your account will be credited so the exam copy becomes your free Desk Copy. Unless you notify us that the book has been adopted for classroom use or it is returned, you will be billed for the exam copy.

What is a desk copy?
Desk copies apply for professors only. If you have requested an exam copy of one of our books to consider it for classroom adoption and have now placed an order for 10 or more copies with your bookstore, you may keep the exam copy as a free desk copy and can be credited back its cost. In order to receive this credit on your account, please contact kschaeffer@chalicepress.com with the invoice number and indicate that your classroom has adopted the textbook and an order has been placed.

What is a review copy?
Editors and reporters from journals, magazines, and other approved publications may request a complimentary review copy by filling out the request for review copy form.

Where else can I find Chalice Press books?
Chalice Press books can be found online on our website, Amazon.com, Cokesbury, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and various other online book retailers. If your local bookstore does not carry our book, they will gladly order it for you.

Can I ship using FedEx or another shipping method?
To use shipping methods other than those listed on our site, please call 1-800-366-3383 or email customerservice@chalicepress.com for complete details.

Can I have an order shipped outside the country?
Yes, email our customer service department at customerservice@chalicepress.com to find out details.

Can I use my minister's discount on discounted items?
Only one discount may be used on a purchase.

Are any discounts available on hymnals?

Can I order a book if it is not yet available?
Yes. You may pre-order a book that is yet to be published. The book will ship as soon as it becomes available, and (in most cases) your card will not be charged until the item ships.

How do I submit a change of address?
Please email your name, phone number, old address and your new address to kschaeffer@chalicepress.com.

To order:
M-F 7:00am-5pm Central
Toll Free: 1-800-366-3383
Fax: 1-770-280-4039
Email: customer service

St. Louis office:
Telephone: 1-314-231-8500