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Damaging social contradictions, pervasive patriarchal structure, oppressive gender biases — no wonder women are abandoning formal religions! But our faith is still important to us, leaving many conflicted and frustrated in the quest to cultivate and practice our authentic female spirituality and authority. Jennifer D. Crumpton, author of the popular blog Femmevangelical, takes us on a journey to find the good news in the gospel of Jesus that encourages us to seek a different reality of equality, freedom, and wholeness.

"Brava, Jennifer, for taking back the words 'femme' and 'evangelical' and creating important discourse on the ways Jesus’ teachings are good news for women everywhere. This book should be on the shelves of all women of every generation, and the people who love women should read it, too." -- Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Sr. Minister, Middle Collegiate Church, NYC

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