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Available December 3, 2019 - Pre-order Now

How do you care for veterans suffering from the moral trauma of war?

Military moral injury describes lifelong wounds of conscience afflicting military personnel who make life-and-death choices under duress or witness actions that later haunt them. With the suicide rate for veterans reaching 22 deaths per day, religious leaders, faith communities, and professional caregivers need resources and strategies for understanding and responding to the challenging ways military moral injury plagues veterans and their families.

In this collection of essays written by noted scholars and practitioners from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim perspectives, faith leaders and caregivers gain a depth of understanding and practical guidance for effective care with veterans and their families affected by combat moral trauma. Chapters provide spiritual care practices for supporting veterans, evidenced-based clinical strategies, and scholarly resources to guide responses to veterans’ experiences of loss and grief and strategies for effective interventions with veterans and their families. Military Moral Injury and Spiritual Care is a hopeful and practical resource for leaders in faith communities and chaplaincy settings. Discount
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