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This kit contains 5 copies of Outlandish at a special discount price! This is a great way for churches to order bulk copies to use for group book studies, workshops, and retreats. Just need 1 copy, click here.

Available February 2019--pre-order now!

Jesus did everything wrong:

Ministering to the wrong people. Expecting outrageous commitment from his followers. Questionable teaching methods. A humiliating end followed by an improbable surprise ending. And then, somehow, inspiring millions to attempt to change the world in his name.

Outlandish: An Unlikely Messiah, a Messy Ministry, and the Call to Mobilize shows how Jesus's ministry flew in the face of conventional wisdom but succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Fast-forwarding two thousand years, learn from the political, social, and organizational lessons of Jesus's radically different ministry to help change the world today.

"Visionary, yet down-to-earth. Theologically perceptive, and highly practical. This is a book the church needs to read." --Michael Kinnamon, former General Secretary, National Council of Churches 

Item #: 97A0911
List Price: $69.97
Our Price: $69.97