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Book of the Year 2018 Award -- Academy of Parish Clergy

"Helsel gets what so many preachers -- and the congregations they serve -- so desperately need in these critical times."  --Brian McLaren, author and activist

You know you need to address racism from the the pulpit, but how do you do it thoughtfully, sensitively ... and biblically? In Preaching about Racism, preaching professor and pastor Carolyn Helsel provides her fellow faith leaders with strategies and insights for crafting biblical and theological sermons gleaned from her more than a decade of writing and teaching about racism. 

Written for the busy pastor, several chapters are quick reads – helpful reminders as you prepare a sermon or talk – while others dig deeper on the theory behind the crucial work of dismantling racism. Sample sermons provide further inspiration and context for preaching on this crucial topic.

Also available: the "Anxious to Preach about It" Bundle, with one copy each of Anxious to Talk about It: Helping White Christians Talk Faithfully about Racism and Preaching about Racism Discount
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