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Do you want to know how to do spiritual formation with your children in your home with little or no prep? Would you like help with offering your kids meaningful spiritual experiences?

Join Traci Smith and many others across the country, practicing Family Faith Moments for one week! The Family Faith Moments 7-Day Start-Up Plan is simple: a daily spiritual practice every day, for one week, and it will change your family life forever.

When you sign up you'll receive the FREE e-book, Family Faith Moments 7-Day Start-Up Plan by Traci Smith.

Enter your email address below, click "Sign Up," and we will email you a link to download the PDF of the FREE Family Faith Moments 7-Day Start-Up Plan. This email could take up to 2-3 hours to arrive. After you download the Family Faith Moments 7-Day Start-Up Plan, you’ll receive our newsletter with other important topics for progressive-thinking Christians.
Can't Start the 7-Day Start-Up Plan Today?

That’s okay. Begin your challenge whenever you want. Begin with the 7 practices in the FREE Family Faith Moments 7-Day Start-Up Plan e-book!

What’s Inside the FREE Family Faith Moments
7-Day Start-Up Plan

This 35-page booklet includes 7 spiritual practices written by Traci Smith, specifically for progressive Christian families. It will help you simply add family faith moments into your daily routine.

The 7 Steps to Seamless Faith

Here are the 7 simple practices to the Family Faith Moments start-up plan:
  1. Get Ready: Create a Sacred Space
  2. Imagination
  3. Gratitude Cafe
  4. Anxiety: Wash Away Worries
  5. Bubble Prayers
  6. Wind Prayers for the World
  7. Daily Office: Morning & Evening Prayers